Ride-On for TRUCK

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Protect your tires, boost your profit!

Fuel savings averaging on 3%
Longer tire lifespan of 25% on average
Savings €1.500,- per truck per year

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Ride-On CHS formula for Trucks

Ride-On’s CHS (Commercial High Speed) formula offers innovative qualities with interesting benefits for trucks. It protects preventively against flat tires, but also balances and helps tires maintain proper pressure. Companies such as Burgers Carrosserie, NE DistriService, Schotpoort Logistics and Econor Carrosserie rely on Ride-On to help achieve their goals. 

"Ride-On is our preferred partner when it comes to cost reduction, sustainability and safety." – Ton Burgers, managing director Burgers Carrosserie

Why Ride-On?

 Fuel savings averaging on 3%
 Longer tire lifespan of 25% on average
 Savings on average €1.500,- per truck per year
✓ One application will last the entire lifetime of the tire
 Traditional balancing methods are no longer necessary

 “We value sustainable and responsible transport. Ride-On helps us practice what we preach.”

- Herman Bult, managing director NE DistriService

More safety for personnel, cargo and fellow road-users

Ride-On preventively protects against flat tires.
Ride-On reduces the porosity of your tires by 500% and lets tires retain proper pressure much longer
Ride-On prevents downtime caused by a flat tire.
Ride-On prevents dangerous situations following a flat tire.
Ride-On reduces the rolling resistance thanks to perfectly balanced tires.
Ride-On is active up to 120 km/hour.
Ride-On lowers the temperature in your tires by 7%. This increases the lifespan of your tires and reduces the risk of a blowout.

The proof is in the numbers

Savings with Ride-On average on €1.500,- per truck per year!

  • 25% of all truck breakdowns are caused by tire failure
  • 90% of tire related breakdowns are preceded by an undetected slow puncture
  • 10% of tire underinflation leads to an increase in fuel consumption of 3% 
  • 25% of the tires on truck fleets are underinflated by 10% or more


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