Ride-On tire sealant and balancinggel

Ride-On Tire Protection is a unique tire sealant and balancing gel in one formula. The hightech gel forms a liquid layer that coats the inside of the tire tread. Ride-On seals tires, helps tires maintain their pressure and prevents flat tires. You will benefit from more safety, less inconvenience, better fuel mileage and longer tire lifespan.

Ride-On is considered to be the most innovative tire sealant available. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles worldwide drive with Ride-On in their tires. Ride-On is available in a wide range of formulas, for every type of vehicle. Trucks, passenger cars, motorcycles, ATVs/quads, agricultural and industrial vehicles, mopeds and scooters and bicycles (Bike-On). 

Don't let a flat tire stop you!

With Ride-On in your tires you'll benefit from:

 Fuel savings
Longer tire lifespan
 Better drivability 
More safety
 Less inconvenience caused by tire failure

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How does Ride-On work?


Ride-on seals tires and reduces the porosity by 500% to help prevent pressure loss.


Ride-On repairs punctures in the tire tread to prevent flat tires.


No more wobbly tires! Ride-On continuously balances for a smooth ride.

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What do users think of Ride-On? Find out in these videos!

Transportation company St vd Brink:

Longer tire lifespan, less downtime.


Transportation company NE DistriService:

More sustainability, comfort and safety, better fuel mileage and tire lifespan.


Logistics service provider Nedcargo:

No flat tires, no accidents, reduced fuel consumption.


Scrap transportation company Henk Hendriks:

Less flat tires, no blowouts and significant cost reduction.