Ride-On for QUAD & ATV

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Don’t let a flat tire stop you!

Prevents flats tires and blowouts
Automatically repairs punctures
Protects tires and extends service life

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Don't let a flat tire stop you!

The Quad & ATV formula was designed to provide superior sealing capabilities in tubeless tires that operate at a wide range of operating pressures. The gel forms a coating layer on the tire tread that doesn’t dry out but remains liquid and active for the entire lifespan of the tire. The formula contains corrosion inhibitors and doesn’t affect tires and rims. It also stays exactly where it should, inside the tire, so no mess in the garage!

Why use Ride-On?

  • Professionally tested and approved 
  • Balances tires with or without wheel weights
  • Seals punctures in tube as well as tubeless tires
  • Increases tire lifespan
  • Biodegradable – non-hazardous – non-explosive
  • Easy to install
  • Easily removable with water

Unique: tire sealant and balancer in one

Ride-On Tire Protection is a unique sealant and balancing gel in one formula. Ride-On seals tires, keeps tire pressure optimal, prevents flat tires and balances. With Ride-On, you’ll benefit from more safety, less inconvenience, reduced fuel costs and a longer tire lifespan.


Ride-On works with the centrifugal forces in the tire and seals the tire tread. This coating reduces porosity up to 500%, allowing tires to maintain their pressure much longer. This reduces rolling resistance and tire wear and lets tires last 25% longer.


The Ride-On gel contains aramid fibers which are six times stronger than steel. These fibers seal punctures permanently and within seconds, without noticeable pressure loss. The risk of a flat tire or blowout reduces significantly.


Ride-On also hydrodynamically balances the tire/rim combination, for optimal rolling resistance, more driving comfort and reduced fuel consumption. Wobbly tires are easily fixed without the need of extra balancing weights or powder. 

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