Мореды и скутеры

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Мореды и скутеры

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Герметик для мопедов и скутеров разработан для небольших мотоциклов, скутеров, мопедов, электро-велосипедов и моторикш. Он предназначен для средств передвижения, максимальная скорость которых не превышает 97 км/ч. Состав отлично работает в камерной и бескамерной резине, хотя эффективность в камерной резине ниже, так как прокол в ней может обернутся разрывом самой камеры.

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24,95 €

Don't let a flat tire stop you!

With Ride-On in your tires you’re always safe on the road. You’ll benefit from:

  • Protection and safety: the special anti-leak formula prevents flat tires
  • Comfort: tires are balanced continuously for a smooth ride
  • Sustainability: Ride-On reduces tire wear and fuel consumption

This Ride-On formula was specially developed for tires of motoscooters. It automatically seals punctures caused by nails, thorns, glass, etc. up to 5mm in diameter within seconds and without noticeable pressure loss.

  • Ride-On for motoscooters and mopeds works during the entire lifespan of the tire, at least five years. It also lengthens the lifespan by 25%. 
  • Application is easy and quick. 

This product is not recommended for and SHOULD NOT BE USED in high-speed motorcycles, automobiles or any vehicle that will regularly travel at highway speeds.

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