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Ride-On for industrial and agricultural 

Formula was designed for industries
Less downtime caused by tire failure
Active up to 65 km/hour 

Decrease downtime, boost your profit

The Ride-On HDOTR™ (Heavy Duty Off-Road) formula was specially designed for industries where downtime costs a lot of money: agriculture, construction and E.M. 

For the best results in an environment where extreme conditions call for extreme protection, Ride-On HDOTR will seal punctures up to 12.5 mm in diameter on the tire tread. Within seconds, without noticeable pressure loss. 

We can only offer our clients the best to prevent downtime. For us, that’s Ride-On.

- Peter van Loon, managing director Jason's Tyres

Why Ride-On?

Ride-On preventively protects against flat tires. This significantly reduces downtime caused by tire failure.
Ride-On protects the insides of your rims and tires from all sorts of rust and corrosion.
Ride-On contains Ride-On contains aramid fibres (Twaron™) which are 6 times stronger than steel and ensure a permanent seal.
Ride-On reduces the porosity of your tires by 500%. This helps tires retain optimal pressure much longer. 
Ride-On lowers the temperature in your tires by 7%. 
Ride-On is biodegradable, non-hazardous and not flammable.

Discover the advantages of Ride-On for your company 

 Less downtime caused by tire failure
✔ One application will last as long as the tire lasts
✔ Tires retain optimal pressure
✔ Protection against corrosion
✔ Active up to 65 km/hour 

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