1. Ride-On for Quad & ATV 32oz

    Ride-On for Quad & ATV 32oz


    Don’t let a flat tire stop you!

    With Ride-On in your tires, you’re always safe on the road.

    You’ll benefit from:

    • Protection and safety: the special anti-leak formula prevents flats and blowouts
    • Automatically repairs punctures in the tire tread up to 6.4 mm or 1/4" in diameter
    • Durability: Ride-On protects tires and extends service life

    Ride-On ATV/Quad Formula is designed for ATVs and off-the-road vehicles that require extra protection in extreme operating conditions.

    Contents: 32 OZ / 946 ml
    Use the calculator to determine the right amount for your tires. 

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  2. LED Smart Cap TPMS for Motorcycles 1st Gen (2 pcs.)

    LED Smart Cap TPMS for Motorcycles 1st Gen (2 pcs.)


    Keep an eye on your tire pressure!

    Stay safe with these LED smart caps. Simply attach them to your valves and the bright blinking LED lights will tell you when there's something wrong.

    The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is designed to warn you when your tires become underinflated. 

    Contents: 2 Pack of Ride-On Generation 1 LED Smart Caps

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