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  1. Ride-On for industrial

    Ride-On HDOTR for Industrial

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    Ride-On for industrial and agricultural vehicles

    The Ride-On HDOTR™ (Heavy Duty Off-Road) formula was specially designed for industries where downtime costs a lot of money: agriculture, construction and E.M. 

    For the best results in an environment where extreme conditions call for extreme protection, Ride-On HDOTR will seal punctures up to 12.5 mm in diameter on the tire tread. Within seconds, without noticeable pressure loss. 

    Discover the advantages of Ride-On for your company 

     Less downtime caused by tire failure
    ✔ One application will last as long as the tire lasts
    ✔ Tires retain optimal pressure
    ✔ Protection against corrosion
    ✔ Active up to 65 km/hour 

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