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  1. Ride-On for Motoscooter & Mopeds

    Ride-On for Motoscooter & Mopeds


    Don't let a flat tire stop you!

    With Ride-On in your tires you’re always safe on the road. You’ll benefit from:

    • Protection and safety: the special anti-leak formula prevents flat tires
    • Comfort: tires are balanced continuously for a smooth ride
    • Sustainability: Ride-On reduces tire wear and fuel consumption

    This Ride-On formula was specially developed for tires of motoscooters and mopeds. It automatically seals punctures caused by nails, thorns, glass, etc. up to 5mm in diameter within seconds and without noticeable pressure loss.

    • Ride-On for motoscooters and mopeds works during the entire lifespan of the tire, at least five years. It also lengthens the lifespan by 25%. 
    • Application is easy and quick. 

    This product is not recommended for and SHOULD NOT BE USED in high-speed motorcycles, automobiles or any vehicle that will regularly travel at highway speeds.

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