LED Smart Cap TPMS for Motorcycles 1st Gen (3 pcs.)

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LED Smart Cap TPMS for Motorcycles 1st Gen (3 pcs.)

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Keep an eye on your tire pressure!

Stay safe with these LED smart caps. Simply attach them to your valves and the bright blinking LED lights will tell you when there's something wrong.

The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is designed to warn you when your tires become underinflated. 

Contents: 3 Pack of Ride-On Generation 1 LED Smart Caps

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  • Easy to Install - Simply screw valve caps onto tire valve stems.
  • Bright blinking LED light that is visible in daylight and night time.
  • Self-Calibrating - Automatically calibrates to pressure the tire was set at when the cap was installed. The same valve can be used with tires from 10 psi to 70 psi.
  • Automatically compensates for ambient temperature changes to avoid false alarms.
  • Comes with integrated anti-theft device and one key
  • Long lasting low pressure alert - blinking red light alerts of low pressure for 750 hours (more than a month).**
  • Low battery alarm - the led valve cap will blink yellow for up to 100 hours to alert you that the batteries are running low.**
  • Long Lasting 3 year battery shelf life**.
  • Great complement to Ride-On filled tires - 100% compatible and now you can be alerted of a slow leak.
  • Proper tire inflation pressure helps extend tire life
  • Proper tire inflation pressure helps optimize fuel economy and save up to 3% in fuel.

** Battery life is not covered by warranty. Battery life can be influenced by temperature and length of time the units are in standby. All batteries slowly discharge over time.

CAUTION: We highly recommend that the LED Smart Cap TPMS sensors be installed on metal valve stems. Metal valve stems are recommended because rubber valve stems can flex more, become brittle, or fatigue and crack over time. If you chose to use a rubber valve stem instead of a metal valve stem, you bear any and all responsibility should your rubber valve stem crack or fail. We as the manufacturer bear no responsibility. After installation, rotate the tire to make sure that the LED Smart Cap TPMS does not come in contact with any brake or suspension components (flex valve stem side to side and allow a minimum of ¼" clearance). The valve stem and LED Smart Cap should NOT protrude beyond the tire where they may come in contact with curbs or other objects.

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