Save €1.000 per truck per year!

Hoe doe ik dat?

Increase tire life by 25%, reduce fuel consumption by 3% and cause less accidents!



Burgers Double Stock Trailers and Ride-On !

The results of intensive testing have led to a preferred partnership between Burgers Double Stock Trailers and Ride-On®.
Burgers Double Stock Trailers advices everyone to use Ride-On®.

Ride-On® introduces a balancing paste that simultaneously seals your tires

  • Annual savings of €1000 per truck
  • Ride-On® is durable, lowers CO2 emissions and reduces the pile of scrapped tires
  • Tire life increased by 25%
  • No more costs for balancing your tires
  • Replaces balancing sand and powder
  • Ride-On® reduces the temperature of your tires considerably
  • Ride-On® works in combination with TPMS-systems
  • Punctures up to 6.4mm in diameter will be instantly sealed

Let us explain within 15 minutes to you how much money you can save with Ride-On®. Interested?



Avoid dangerous situations and start saving money immediately.