Warranty & Insurance

Quality and Warranty

Warranty when purchasing at the Ride-On online shop

Ride-On is produced with the highest attention to quality and Ride-On Nederland BV warrants the quality of her products. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility that imperfections are found. In that case, we kindly ask you to contact us. The warranty is limited to production errors and not applicable to problems caused by misuse of the product. Warranty claims are reviewed by Ride-On's complaint department.

Ride-On can not be held accountable for any damages caused by incorrect application of the product.

Ride-On provides warranty for three years, starting at the moment of purchase. The liability of the manufacturer is limited to replacement of the product or reimbursement of money. If you wish to claim warranty, please contact us via support@ride-on.eu.



Ride-On is produced with the highest attention to quality. It helps to prevent flat tires, but is not guaranteed to prevent all flats. The product was developed to seal 85-95% of all punctures in the tread area of the tire.