Bike-On REPAIR for biclyces 125 ml (3x)

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Repair fluid for bicycle tires

The gel repairs the tire already leaking
The gel closes holes over 3 millimeters
3 bottles of 125 ml.and accessories

The Repair kit is Ride-On's most powerful formula against punctures and helps you get back on the road quickly.
Unlike the other formulas, which you use preventively, the Repair kit is meant for when you already have a flat tire.
Apply, inflate tires and go! The repair works for about a season (2-3 months).

This formula is designed for existing flat tires and leakage up to 3 millimeters in diameter. Ride-On Repair works on all brands, types and sizes of inner tubes.

  • Application is easy to do yourself and is ready within a few minutes
  • When the gel doesn't work anymore, you can refill the tire with new gel
  • Content: 3 bottles of 125 ml. (use a whole bottle per band)
  • Includes shrink hose and valve removal tool
  • The repair works for about 2-3 months.
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Contents 3 x 125 ml
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