The origins of Ride-On

The origins of Ride-On

Ride-On is an innovative tire sealant and balancing gel in one formula. It preventively protects against flat tires, it balances and helps maintain proper tire pressure. Developed in the USA, it is now finally available in Europe!

If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself

That’s the motto that led to the origin of Ride-On, about twenty years ago. As early as 1996 there were many sealants available, but the quality differed greatly. The brothers Mark and Harry Farkhan were asked to determine a standard for quality that a good sealant should live up to. A thorough research followed. For two years Mark and Harry tested all sealants available. Not only did they find out how many different types of sealants there were, they also discovered what qualities makes a bad sealant.  Their conclusion: the products were so far apart in quality that a standard couldn’t be determined. No product lived up to the standards of a good quality and functional sealant. However, Mark and Harry were by now convinced of the need for a good sealant. So they decided to start developing their own.

Innovation: tire sealant gel

What makes Ride-On so unique, is that it’s a gel that remains liquid throughout the entire lifespan of the tire. It does not contain glue or hardening components, or latex like so many other sealants that make a mess of tires and rims. Ride-On repairs leaks with special fibers which are six times stronger than steel. A liquid gel with sealing fibers had another unanticipated advantage: hydrodynamic balancing, making traditional balancing methods no longer necessary.

To protect your tires is to protect the environment

Besides better drivability and protection against flats, Ride-On also offers protection for the environment. It seals tires, reducing porosity by 500% so tires maintain correct pressure much longer. Combined with a perfect balance this optimizes the rolling resistance, resulting in a reduced fuel consumption of 3% and tires lasting 25% longer. Not only beneficial for the driver, but also for the environment. Less fine dust is emitted into the air, soil and surface waters. Furthermore, the need for raw materials and landfills is reduced as well.

A special formula for each vehicle

The creators of Ride-On realize that a sealant is not a ‘one size fits all’ product. Vehicles and their tires need to perform under different circumstances and at differing speeds. That’s why Ride-On offers a wide range of specially developed formulas and continues to optimize each product. Ride-On was developed to be better than any other sealant and therefore always strives to improve.

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Discover the benefits of Ride-On for yourself!

In the USA, Ride-On has a long track record as successful sealant for truck and motorcycle tires. Now, twenty years later, the product is on the brink of a new chapter in its long history. Ride-On has crossed the big pond from the USA to Europe. From the headquarters in The Netherlands a team of enthusiastic and passionate marketers, developers, sellers and designers are hard at work to introduce Ride-On to the rest of the world. We team up with ex-managing directors from the transport and logistics sector and establish valuable partnerships with companies in bodywork, transport, chassis, e-bikes and more. Experience the benefits of Ride-On for yourself! We would gladly work with you to create more road safety, reduce traffic jams and CO2 and fine dust emissions, and save money.